National Home Warranty - HMS National is a Scam

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I am experiencing the same here in OKC.All they do is lie and lie and lie.

Everyone you talk to is a different person and they all give you a different answer. After two weeks now they tell me that all the issues with our appliances were pre existing and not covered. I am convinced that this is a scam and deceptive trade practice and intend to turn them over to my attorney in Dallas Riney Palter and have them go after them.

If anyone is interested in filing a class action against them please let me know or call my attorney John Palter at 214-641-1202.These people are the highest form of a Florida Boiler Room Scam.

I also intend to use all my contacts in Oklahoma in the legislature and the Texas Legislature to see that they are barred from doing business in either state.

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